We offer a solution for all of your needs. 

CAD services:

  • 3D part and assembly design and modeling
  • 3D animation of designs
  • Realistic photo renderings of your product
  • 3D model files from your 2D drawings
  • 2D drawings for manufacturing

Production management:
  • Prototype production
  • Ongoing manufacturing management
Sales support:
  • Static and animated sales presentations for your use
  • Printed support folders and materials
  • Website creation


We can take your project all the way from a hand sketch on a cocktail napkin through the production stage or any part of the engineering/production process you require.  Rates start at $50 per hour, and you'd be amazed what we get done in an hour.

We are pleased to informally chat about your project to give you an idea of pricing.   This will assist you in determining if you would like us to provide you with a formal proposal.   If you contact us we won't trap you on the phone, we won't refuse to hang up without a contract,  we won't give you the big pitch, you won't roll your eyes.  Truly.


Call (920)242-2549 or email